SALE - Zandstra Polishing 3-M system

 SALE - Zandstra Polishing 3-M system

  • Price: 12 €
  • Before discount: 15 €
  • Discount: 3 €

Producer: ZANDSTRA

Sandpaper is used for the polishing of the ice speed skate. A very fine aluminium oxide grain gives the underside of the steel runner a very smooth surface. For the optimum result there are 6 different grades of self adhesive lap film on a special extruded aluminium triangle. The length of the triangle is 25 cms.


The aluminium is delivered complete with three polishing strips. The strips can be re-ordered separately.


There are 6 grades available. Namely 40, 30, 12, 9, 3 and 0,3 mµ.

The aluminium sharpening triangle is delivered standard with 40, 30 and 3 mµ

After sharpening the skate with the regular stone it is then polished for a short period (1 to 2 minutes). With the 40 mµ (blue) and then with the 30 mµ (green) and finally with the 3 mµ (pink) polishing strip. The finishing touch !


The advantage of polishing is that the smooth surface will reduce the friction on ice to a minimum.


Almost all topskaters use the Zandstra 3M polishing system.

Directions of use:

Put the skates in a jig. Start with moving the blue side of the triangle backwards and forwards slowly over the runners. Use the entire surface of the 3M abrasive strip during this action. When the resistance declines during the polishing (after aprox. 1 minute) change over to the green side. When the resistance declines again after 1 minute, end with the pink side. When there is no friction one is ready. This process will take approximately 3 to 5 minutes in total.

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