Maple MPL 1 - Gold NG package

Maple MPL 1 - Gold NG package

  • Price: 592,80 €
  • Before discount: 741 €
  • Discount: 148,20 €

Producer: MAPLE

MPL 1 - Gold Skate

Maple's finest art in In-line: a professional speed skate, made out of a full 100% carbon shell, strong high-quality gold shiny cover leather. Comfortable inside leather, golden buckle, a state of the art skate frame with Maple's own 'Direct Force' -technology for extra stiffness, which steers directly and transports your push more direct than any other frame. The frame is produced in the Netherlands, in the same factory where all our world record winning ice skating blades are being produced, ensuring the highest precision possible.
The boot has a very good and natural shaped carbon shell, but can be fully remoulded when necessary, to give your boots the best fitting possible. The skate is completed with Maple's Kopp wheels and Abec7 bearings.


MPL 1 - Gold NG package available in:
195 mounting   37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49

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