MPL 2 LADY - Pink Skate

MPL 2 LADY - Pink Skate

Inline skates

  • Price: 479,20 €
  • Before discount: 599 €
  • Discount: 119,80 €

Producer: MAPLE

The Mpl-2 Pink skate is a very good competition skate. The shiny black & pink boots do not only look very stylish, but also the natural fit is amazing. And, with the option to remould the whole carbon shell it almost seems impossible to find a better fitting boot.

The boot has a low-cut ankle part, providing your feet with all the liberty they need to manoeuvre and steer perfectly, and still giving you with all the support you need because of the natural shaped carbon mould.

The skate is completed with Kopp wheels, Abec7 bearings, and Maple's Highly Rigid Pink frame.

 MPL 2 LADY - Pink skate package
available in:
165 mounting 4x90mm            34 35 36
195 mounting 4x100/110mm   37 38 39 40 41

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